When people work for us, we're interested to hear where they've worked and who they've collaborated with. You probably feel equally as discerning when it comes to inviting new people into your life.

With this in mind, here's a few of the places we've worked, institutions we've collaborated with and some of the brands we've worked for...

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It's always a joy receiving love letters from our clients. Here's a small sample...

“Working with Beatrice & Bertrum has been a total dream from start to finish and my client absolutely loved it!”

AOK Events Ltd

“Thank you all so much for the brilliant work presented as part of The Sideshows at Leeds Festival. You made them a fun, tangible & experimental interactivity not least the enthusiasm you brought to the festival. I want to thank you for helping to create an exciting new destination for festival-goers.”

Festival Republic Ltd

“What a joy it was to meet & work with you. Thank you so much for all your hard work & attention to detail. It was a fantastic experience!”

British Arrows

“We felt Beatrice & Bertrum really added a dynamic & vibrant element to our event.”


“The most fun & personal thing we’ve had at an event ever! We WANT you back!”


“What can I say, another fantastic year I don’t know how you do it. The feedback has once again been fabulous, you really are the Royals Royce of photo experience and that is also down to both of your personalities in addition to your creativity and talent that is displayed in the set design itself.”

Markel International

“I want to say a HUGEEEEE thank you for everything. Everyone has said how fabulous you were. The client and venue have given you constant praise so thank you so much. It was lovely to work with you.”

Sternberg Clarke

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